Support vector machines ( intuitive understanding ) — Part#1
Ravindra Kompella

It is a nice article, but I do not agree that it is about a good intuition. You start saying

> only basic assumption made is that the reader is already aware of logistic regression along with basic terms and concepts of machine learning.

But in the very next paragraph, you say —

> In logistic regression, a line L1 defines a probability distribution over the input space. A line L1 is said to be better than line L2, if the the distribution defined by L1 is low at class ‘-1’ points and high at class ‘+1’ points, on average, compared to the distribution defined by line L2.

I am not sure this paragraph helped me to build an intuition about logistic regression and to set my mind up to understand the difference it has with SVM.

As said in the beginning, it is indeed a nice article. But may be you can make a disclaimer that people with some understanding of the math behind statistical modeling will be able to access it easier that people with no idea about that.

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