Hello! Meet RCVRY.

Hello world. I’ll have no grand editorials or perfected posts to publish this go round. Merely an introduction should suffice. So hello and how are you today?

My name is Jason and I’m the wearer of many hats. Today’s hats are; employee, designer, father, husband, day trader, developer, friend, birthday boy, stray cat owner, sober and, among the many crowns, happy is the one I wear with pride.

I’m using medium to publish project updates, design briefs and some of this or that regarding my project, RCVRY.

If you hadn’t read my bio description, yet, RCVRY is (in development) a mobile app for people in addiction recovery. I’ll preface by saying it’s not just about drugs. Recovery comes in many shapes and many sizes all carrying unique voices from very diverse backgrounds. The app aims to enrich the lives of those in recovery or beginning recovery. From things like; alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, porn, internet, codependency, food, etc.

The purpose behind the app is to improve the digital tools available to those in recovery while aiming for our mission, enriching lives. I’m making an attempt to better one small corner of the world. I’m sure I’ll garner a few downloads from time to time. Right now my drive is to deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) this summer/fall. Then see where the world takes it.

I’ve got much more to share on the project but for now, an intro is enough. Next post expect some “purdy” photos of the app designs and UX flows. Until then, stay classy.



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