A Trans Woman’s Response to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Raquel Willis

Reading your article shows that CNA was actually pretty right.

So the interviewer asked two questions.

  1. Does it matter how you arrived at being a woman?

Yes of course the experiences of a trans woman who is born biologically as a man is different from a Cis woman who was born biologically as a woman. It is different, and being born male, whether that is a masculine or feminine male comes with privilege which cis woman does not have. Being born female and seen as female is not a privilege, in many cultures that can mean forced marriage and genital mutilation for example. This does not mean that the experiences of trans women are not valid, it just means that we should not ignore the different experiences.

She is right when she says women’s issues are not the same for both groups. For example a trans woman can not be forced to keep the baby of her rapist. A cis woman does not experience the discrimination and social stigma of a person that is transitioning or being forced to dress as a boy even thought inside you feel like a girl.

Both are valid, just different.

2. Are you any less of a real woman?

Obviously not, she just didn’t use the word cis because cis is not part of her vocabulary that much. She did however say gender is NOT biology gender is sociology. Which shows that yes also trans women are real women.

Trans issues are valid, but Chimanda Ngodizi Adichie was talking about the difference between trans issues and cis isssues, that doesn’t mean she is speaking for trans women, she was speaking about how the experiences are not the same, because as a cis woman she experiences things a trans woman never could. Which is true.

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