Marcus Wyman
Nov 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Damn this is some fn crazy shit, and not in a good way. This implies that, while there are unjustly imprisoned people all over the world, the ONLY solution is to free everyone who’s in jail, whether they belong behind bars and away from society or not. Are there not people who deserve to live in fear for the crimes they have done? The lives they’ve taken or ruined?

And, as far as prison abuse goes, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. The terrible conditions of prison is a deterrent, not a problem. Maybe Bill Cosby wouldn’t have raped those chicks if he knew that everybody in jail would be out for his ass.

You can’t just handwave away the serious point of, “What about all the terrible, terrible people in prison? What happens to them? Do they get to walk free?” by proclaiming some hippie “Fight the power! F the police!” spiel and moving on. Yes, there are assholes who belong behind bars and aren’t. But you can’t say that is a legitimate plug for all the holes in this argument.

You say that we should invest in other things, things like healthcare and education, things that could move possible criminals away from lives of crime. But some people are born that way. A psychopath will never not want to hurt somebody; it’s been hardwired into their brain. Without prisons to take those people away from other, good-nature human beings, what’s to be done? Give them a time out? Waste thousands of dollars in futile therapy sessions before giving them a clean bill of health and letting them walk free like fn Vince Lee? They’re bound to kill again; you’re asking for it.

This isn’t a logical idea. Nothing makes sense here, and there isn’t enough information to back your shit up. How to we hold wrongdoers accountable? If I kill someone, what becomes of me? If I launder millions, what becomes of me? The prison system needs reform, not to be thrown in the wastepaper basket.

Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe you are. Sorry, not sorry.

    Marcus Wyman

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