Civic Responsibility

Hey- guys? Let’s stop paying attention to Trump, his surrogates ,and their antics. Don’t share anything that he tweets, don’t be bamboozled by his bullshit foot stomping over dissent.

Let’s pay attention, but not boost his signal. It makes the news cycle be about his response instead of whatever he is trying to distract from.

It doesn’t matter how much we share his bad behavior. He did something terrible just about every week he was running and all it did was make him more electable.

If it’s something productive to do — the boycotts and petitions- send them around. If it’s policy decisions- send it around. But lets treat him like the child he is and ignore him

This is going to sound disingenuous even to my own ears.But hear me out.

How exactly has the twitterverse become the arbiter of public opinion? It’s hot takes and 140 characters of emotional response. Let’s be better than that.

The fact we are almost never “off” (at least since about 2008) — we collectively suffer from information overload. Let’s shift that to thoughtful response. Let’s not immediately hit share when we are angry or triggered. Even a 10 minute waiting period is enough to make you think twice about allowing a bigot’s words to echo in your chamber.

You, and only you — have that power- the power of your voice as a citizen.

Lets be aware of what we are thinking, and who is demanding we think it.

The American people are counting on you to be present. Don’t let them down.

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