Does America Have Capitalist Stockholm Syndrome?
umair haque

This article, like most that I read about capitalism, are totally ignorant of what capitalism is and means and even worse don’t even know that laissez faire capitalism (the only true meaning of capitalism see I suggest you read it all to understand what it is and why it doesn’t really exist) has never existed and theretofore cannot ever have failed. The only thing that has failed is the altruistic “isms” such as statism, faciism, socialism, communism, and every other system that denies individual rights as stated in the Declaration of Independence i.e. the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Note that the Declaration of Independence does not say that any else is requited to support your life, that you have the liberty to take any one elses property, or that anyone else is responsible for your happiness.

From the fight’s biblical “though art thy brother’s keeper” to the left’s “you didn’t build that” the premise of freedom this country was built on are dead. When conditions get bad enough perhaps reason will raise it’s head and rational men will finally have had enough and implement the only moral system that has ever existed: capitalism.

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