Ditch the elevator pitch
Jason Fried

Indeed. Adding more ammo: investors reputedly put capital toward brilliant and impassioned founders. But, the process of reducing everyone’s pitch to sound bytes in an elevator also reduces your personality and authenticity to Silicon Valley Founder. I understand the mechanic of “Uber for X”, as it’s a useful analogy to manipulate what’s already in the mind of the interlocutor. There’s plenty wrong with the commodification of The Pitch and Pitch Deck. While Peter Thiel and Y-Combinator teach and implore founders to pitch “what problems you solve”, they continue to invest in 0 to 1 companies that don’t solve any real identifiable problems. I’d say we should free the authenticity and passionate behind your story. It’s your story, and your vision. Fuck those who provide a worthless structure in which to fit it.

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