Across Her Tuesday Morning P”ssy

Eating a slice of German chocolate cake, standing in the doorway looking at this situation you’ve got yourself in. My donkey rope is pulsing in my jeans. I’m thinking about pulling it out but I’m especially interested in seeing how things play out all by yourself. This game we play is getting tougher because we made a bet to see who could hold out longer; a two-week challenge. Every morning I wake up with cock that’s harder than jet metal, and you wake up with your hand in your panties, and I want to tear your ass up. I want to drive ten yards of hog dick through you, with that ass up in the air.

“I’ve gotta get to the shower before I end up parking your head into that headboard,” I tell myself.

This is only the fourth day in of a two-week challenge and I’m already thinking about tapping out. I just want fuck you and you want to fuck me. What’s the point of this game, anyway? Why don’t we just mutually give in and get really crazy with it.

I’m in the shower trying to release the rock-like erection, but not by ‘self-service’, but by cold water and it just won’t release itself. My d-ck is so hard that it almost hurts. We need to have sex and your thighs need to be wrapped around me while we rock it out.

She’d rather continue holding out just to see how far she go. I got out of the shower, dried off and crawled up from the foot of the bed and sunk my face across her Tuesday morning pussy and lost my mind in it. I was sucking her lips, clit, and hand each of my hands holding her thighs slightly closed. I love the way her thick thighs feel up against my face, it’s like something I can’t explain. I ate her like a motherfucker, and for some reason we mutually opted out of sex, but it felt so right. I guess we both lost that game because she let me have her that morning.

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