This is Not My Beautiful House
Kim France

This is insensitive to say, but thank you for telling a story (your story) that makes me look around and appreciate the luck and love that surrounds me. This past weekend my partner and I spent too much on nice things for the place where we live, a place that is neither owned nor grand. And I say spent “too much” not because I felt that way, really, but because my partner spent two hours budgeting in a spending hangover on Monday evening. But she did so as I made us dinner, and there were moments of real humor as we reflected on us, two hard workers somehow making it in San Francisco against all rental market odds, spending $100 on a decorative pillow that will serve only an ornamental purpose on our bed. I tend to get caught up in the stuff and the trappings, with the daydreams of home ownership, but the real juice of my life comes from a home that is full of love, and I’ve got to hold onto that as tightly as I can.

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