“My Shining Moment.”

The names Horace. Horace Hora. No, this is not just a made-up name to make myself sound cool, it’s my god given name. Today, I would like to tell you, the reader, about the stuffy Thanksgiving that was 2012’s most shining moment…for me, at least. I live with my Grandma, who hates me beyond belief, due to the fact that I’m gay and an atheist. My parents both died in a car accident, leaving me to stay with my grandparents. Just about a month ago, unfortunately, Grandpa kicked the can from Alzheimer’s complications. But enough sad stuff, this is a story intended to make you laugh.

My Grandma allowed for me to have some friends over this year for Thanksgiving, so I invited my best friend Dana, her boyfriend John, and my boyfriend Clem. Grandma hated Clem, too, because…he’s gay also. Duh. So there’s your cast of characters. It was a pretty normal thanksgiving for the most part, besides the fact that our AC had just broken and our house was stuffier than stuffing (haha, thanksgiving reference), Clem got the runs, Dana couldn’t stop eating, John was a douche, and my Grandma’s hatred penetrated like…whatever penetrates.

John hurt my feelings by making fun of my Grandma. As annoying as she can be, I’m not gonna allow anyone to say shit about my family. She’s always really loud, which John found funny. I punched him in the face and he left before dinner was served. Surprised? Don’t be. Just cause I like boys doesn’t mean I can’t go all Tyson on a mofo. But that wasn’t my shining moment.

Clem claimed that the stuffiness was making him sick, but I think that the turkey going right through him was the problem. He was on the toilet for an hour at least! And Grandma refused to serve dinner without a guest. At least she’s nice…on occasion.

Dana, because we delayed eating for a while, was starving. So she complained for a little bit. Grandma did not enjoy hearing that, so she smacked her. I was so taken back that I couldn’t say anything. Dana shut up until we ate.

But just as things were seeming to go consistently awry, a miracle happened. The AC was fixed, Clem got better, and dinner was served. Where does my shining moment come in? I’ll tell you. I am a huge complainer, especially towards my Grandma. But we got along great that day! No arguments, sarcasm, or anything. Dinner was phenomenal, and I regret not helping her out more in the kitchen. I said I loved her later that night, to which she responded she did too!! I don’t remember her ever saying that, before! She then quickly changed her answer to “Actually…I kind of still hate you just a little bit”, before walking away and smiling.

My life’s alright. I got my boo, I got Dana, I “got” John, and Grandma “hates” me. Show kindness and support for who you like in your life. It just might make your day unexpectedly better.

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