“The Morning Commute” OR “I AM THE STORM”

I am most certainly not a ‘morning person’. Yet, I host a delicate affection for mornings. The overpowering chill of the air outside attacks my face like an ocean wave and my uncontrollable grogginess after exiting my bed presents a keen reminder that, although I am tired now, I have a whole day to conquer and take part in. I must prove to everyone that I am not just another raincloud. I am a storm that has no fear, and I must rain down on the path that lies in front of me. For if I don’t, I will just be another cloud in the sky, another face in the hall, another dish in the washer. And I refuse to do that. I want to stand out and be noticed for the kind and friendly person that I strive to be. When I walk to my bus in the morning, I listen to old music, ranging from 50’s hits to 90’s jams. My eardrums are delighted with the presence of Marvin Gaye, Doris Day, and The Drifters like a warm, inviting Q-Tip. Messaging my soul with soft harmonies and vocal powers. As I enter the bus and look out the window, listening to my music, I am reminded of the fact that the world is beautiful. It is my own kingdom, in which I am a lion. I may roam in whatever directions I please, befriend whomever I want, and be as happy and considerate as I feel necessary. When the bus pulls up to my school, I feel excited. I smile like a child at their own birthday party, understanding that my happiness can not only aid me in enjoying my day, but hopefully aid someone else, a stranger or a friend, in enjoying their day too. This is what I want in life. Regardless of the job I hold, my goal in this life is to make someone else’s level of joy higher than a kite on a breezy day. Making others happy makes me happy. And that’s all that matters. Storms are obligated to unnecessarily pour rain onto the driest flowers…but we all know what happens to flowers in the rain, right? They bloom.