ClassImmerse VR: Time to explore!

We all need feedback in order to grow and the team at Learnroll is definitely interested in hearing from educators who are exploring the modules within Classimmerse. If you have an Oculus Go and have not yet gotten an access key, take time to sign up and explore, and then share your thoughts!

Rebekah Davis recently had time to explore the module and shares her takeaways and suggestions here.

Pros of the Module:

“I liked that it has the five E organization, and videos can be great starting points for students — it would be AMAZING if the video could be 360 instead of on the screen.” I know available sources can be a limiting factor on that.
“The 3D models were probably the most important reason to choose this over a traditional method.”
“She added that the navigation was fairly simple, and the text was probably just enough to explain but not overwhelm.”

Other positives:

“I think depending on instructional needs/resources and type of student this could be an engaging way to explore content. The headset provides exclusion of outside distractions, and I think skillful teachers would be able to find a way to incorporate this into a unit.”


  1. I would have liked to focus on it farther away in the field of view.
  2. There might be even more potential for distance learning here — especially if there could be some more quiz and answer interaction with the models.
  3. Another note is I would have liked the option to turn off the background “music” — but it might not be an issue to students.

Overall, Rebekah said:

it’s exciting to see this sort of thing be designed for off the shelf equipment.

If you have not yet tried it, be sure to sign up for an access key. Let me know what you think, would love to share your thoughts!