Here’s What’s Funny About The Mass Shooting In Las Vegas
Allan Ishac

Oh dear. Once again the knee-jerk reaction: ban guns, then no violence!

Does your magic wand make the 300 million or more guns already here go away, or do they somehow all stop working? How many guns did Attila use, back around 440 A.D. when he murdered, pillaged and raped his way across Central and Eastern Europe and slew so many that it was said, “the dead could not be numbered?” This many: 0. Z.E.R.O. None.

The gun is an equalizer. In the hands of a young woman or an old man it may save that person and their family from rape, beatings or death. Millions of guns, owned by millions of gun owners, have shot no one; they have instead prevented many more deaths.

We have a big problem in America, but it isn’t guns. It’s the people that misuse them, who are generally found in big cities. Look at Chicago: it has a great deal of gun control. It allows no CCW, and won’t allow gun stores in the city. It also has one of the highest death rates from guns in the USA; hint, these shooting deaths are not caused by NRA members or concealed carry advocates. These deaths are not caused by law abiding citizens who are gun owners, but criminals.

Criminals and terrorists don’t obey laws. They don’t legally buy guns at gun stores. They get them illegally, just like the terrorists that shot up Charlie Hebdo in France; where there is also a great deal of gun control.

I am sad that none of the people killed at Charlie Hebdo had a chance to defend their own lives, as their government prevented them from having any means of defense. “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” Just in time to put the chalk marks around the blood on the floor.

Here I was hoping to find some light shined on the many questions that remain unanswered about the killings in Las Vegas. Little of the “official” story adds up; it doesn’t make sense, and no one can even formulate a reason that this madman/terrorist/patsy did what he is supposed to have done, all by himself. A 64-year-old out of shape Rambo? Bump stocks with bipods and/or scopes? (Those combinations don’t work.) Where’s all the brass from the hundreds or thousands of cartridges fired? Etc.

Now I’ll look elsewhere, as there doesn’t seem to be any thinking going on here; I am disappointed.