Is There a Link Between Hemorrhoids and Erectile Dysfunction? It’s Possible.

Don’t sit for too long!

Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that cause discomfort and bleeding. They are more common as people get older and are considered most prevalent from ages 40 and up.

The most common causes of hemorrhoids are excessive straining during bowel movements, obesity, and pregnancy.

While professional medical advice should always be sough if you experience symptoms of hemorrhoids, there are some steps that can be taken to help prevent and treat hemorrhoids on your own.

Many men have experienced symptoms of erectile dysfunction while having hemorrhoids and have been wondering what the relationship is between the two. While it is possible that the conditions exist in mutually exclusive capacities, some symptoms of erectile dysfunction may indeed be a direct result of hemorrhoids.

Due to the swollen veins and blood vessels in the anal and lower rectum regions, blood flow around the pelvic area may be disrupted. This disruption or lack of circulation can easily lead to the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Not to worry gentlemen, there are some ways to help limit your chances of experience this downer from occurring in the future.

Diet. Do you ever come back from lunch and feel like there is a little party going on in your stomach? Give your stomach a break and try to change up your diet for the better. Including more fiber in your diet, a wide variety of food, fruits and vegetables can go a long way in preventing conditions that allow hemorrhoids to develop. Don’t over-due it on the laxatives as this can cause hemorrhoids too.

Spend less time on the toilet. We’ve all been guilty of this at some point or another, and some people are frequent offenders. If you are done with your duty, get up and read labels somewhere else! Sitting on the toilet for too long is the number one cause of hemorrhoids. This can be cause by the actual duration of you in that sitting position, but also by the straining for long period of time. If after a few minutes, you are unable to go, get up and try again later. Don’t sit there straining all day!

There you have it, hemorrhoids can cause symptoms of erectile dysfunction. No matter the case, you should always see a medical professional when experiencing symptoms of either hemorrhoids or erectile dysfunction.