Resilience is back — if it ever went away. Our current pandemic predicament is only intensifying our embrace of this concept. Crises — and the pandemic certainly isn't the only one we're dealing with — remind us of the desirability of being resilient. …

We are all — potentially — agents of contagion.

Many of us will remember, from this coronavirus epidemic, the moment this uncomfortable reality sank in.

For me it was a banal Tuesday in early March, after having read Yascha Mounk’s ‘The Case for Cancelling Everything’ and Tomas Pueyo’s ‘Coronavirus: Why…

Covid-19, Digital Distancing, and the Risk of new Social Divides: some thoughts

For many of us during this COVID-19 lockdown, our virtual selves have started to become more important than our physical selves.

For the last two decades, we have gradually been developing a kind of virtual doppelganger. In just…

Ruben Diaz-Plaja

Senior Policy Advisor, Policy Planning @NATO; thoughts my own and not my employer’s. Policy, geopolitics, history, innovation, culture, futures.

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