Celebrate International Coffee Day

Rachel Dietz
Sep 27, 2019 · 5 min read

Words cannot espresso how excited I am for International Coffee Day (a latte excitement)! This Sunday, September 29th, the most brew-tiful day of the year, is the perfect time to celebrate whether that means brewing your coffee at home, picking up an RTD bottled coffee, infusing it in a cocktail, or enjoying coffee flavored snacks. Whatever your preference, be sure to honor this holiday by whatever beans necessary! Grab a few friends and indulge in some of the below delicious coffee treats, because coffee and friends make the perfect blend — just brew it!

How do you take your coffee? I take mine seriously, very seriously.

Coffee, Coffee & More Coffee:

Courtesy of McCafé Frappés

McCafé Frappés

McCafé Frappés bottled iced coffees are perfect for enjoying your ready-to-drink coffee favorites conveniently on the go. Available flavors include Caramel, Mocha and Vanilla in resealable bottles so you can sip throughout the morning. Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and blended with real milk, sugar, natural flavors and other ingredients, you’ll feel happy, energized and ready to take on the day! McCafé Frappés are also available in two 40 oz. ready to drink (RTD) offerings in popular flavors — Caramel and Mocha — perfect for sharing with friends!

Courtesy of Java House Cold Brew — Dual Use Liquid Pods

Java House Cold Brew

Are you more of a k-cup coffee lover? If so, then you MUST check out these JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Liquid Pods. You know it has to be good because these unbelievably smooth pods with 2X the caffeine is a 2019 Product of the Year award winner! No need to get into a heated and strong debate on whether to enjoy hot or cold, because with these Dual Use Liquid Pods, you can prepare either way! Simply run the pods through your single-serve brewer to enjoy hot. Peel, pour over ice, and add water to enjoy cold.

Coffee Appliances:

SMEG has THE most stylish, high-performing coffee makers on the market so you (and your bank account) can feel good about each and every sip. See below for the top picks in coffee and espresso makers!

Courtesy of SMEG USA

SMEG Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Filter coffee is a pleasure to be savored slowly, and the SMEG drip coffee maker combines performance with design in this iconic mid-century style machine. With convenient features like auto start and aroma control, you can brew a cup tailored to your taste and schedule. Plus — it’s SO PRETTY!

Courtesy of SMEG USA

SMEG Espresso Machine

Recreate your favorite cappuccino and espresso yourself at home with the SMEG espresso machine. Inspired by Italy’s passion for espresso, the SMEG espresso maker delivers authentic espresso in iconic Italian style. This slim machine brews a rich shot of espresso and steams milk for those mornings when you’re feeling chic on a lazy Sunday.

Treats & Snacks:

Courtesy of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream’s Dulce de Leche mochi ice cream features decadent, creamy coffee ice cream wrapped in pillowy mochi dough with a milky, melt in-your-mouth caramel center core. At just 110 calories per ball, it is the perfect poppable, portion-controlled snack!

Courtesy of Loacker

Loacker Hazelnut Quadratini

The #1 global wafer cookie and confection brand has the perfect fall snack for all to enjoy. The brand’s Hazelnut Quadratinis contains four layers of the smoothest cream filling, held by five light, crispy wafers and not to mention, are bite-sized for on the go snacking! These wafers are the perfect pair for any coffee or espresso drink, balancing each other for a bold and rewarding taste experience. YUM.

Plus up your usual coffee order and give it an extra kick with these cocktails!

Courtesy of Sparkling Ice

The Coffee’s Cherry

Courtesy of Sparkling Ice


2 cups cold brew coffee
½ cup Sparkling Ice Black Cherry
Coconut milk
Toasted marshmallow


Combine cold brew coffee and Sparkling Ice Black Cherry and pour into two ice cube trays. Place into freezer until frozen.
Fill a Collins glass with cubes and top with coconut milk, garnish with toasted marshmallow.

Courtesy of Villakuyaya

Kuyaya Chai Martini Recipe

Courtesy of Chef Fabian Pauta and Villakuyaya, Exhibitor at the upcoming Salon du Chocolat NY (P.S. If you’re a chocolate lover, you won’t want to miss this event — get your tickets here!)


1/12 oz chocolate liquor

2 oz chai infused cream

2 oz chocolate syrup

Salted caramel powder, for garnish

Villakuyaya 80% Masala Chai chocolate shavings, for garnish


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain into martini glass. Garnish with caramel powder or chocolate shavings. Variation: top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

*Chocolate Liquor: Steep 2 cups Villakuyaya nibs in 2 cups 100 proof liquor (vodka, ever clear, etc) for 4- 5 days. Strain through sieve.

**Chai Infused Cream: Add 2 cups heavy whipping cream to a heavy saucepan on medium heat. Once it comes to a boil, add 4 teabags or 4 heaping tablespoons of chai tea. Remove saucepan from heat. Let steep for 20–30 minutes and remove teabags.

***Chocolate Syrup: Combine 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Turn off the heat, and slowly whisk in 1/2 cup Villakuyaya 80% chocolate chips until a smooth consistency.

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