6 Favorites For the Serial Snacker

Eating allll the feelings

A pparently millennials snack more than any other generation… that is to say we’ve upped the snacking game — pioneered the snack culture, if you will. As a serial snacker, I’m proud to be making daily contributions to this legacy. I mean can you blame us? From the earliest stages of life we’re taught to comfort ourselves with food — through holidays, birthdays, the ups and the downs. The right cookie at the right time could turn your whole day around! So with that in mind, I figured I’d share some of my go-to snacks for those days when you just can’t get out of your feelings.


Queso Dip 
There is absolutely nothing on this planet more pure than a spicy, flavorful dollop of queso fresh out of the jar. No dishes to clean, easily resealable and ready to eat the next day. Just bust open a bag of Tostito’s and you’re ready to take on the couch.


Entenmann’s Chocolate Frosted Donuts 
I wouldn’t leave you hanging with that opening by not getting into specifics. My absolute ride or die. Me and these donuts have been through it all and they do the trick every single time. Highly recommend dunking them generously in a glass of milk — it’s like tres leches cake covered in chocolate. You’re welcome.


The obsession is real with this one. It’s simple and perfectly salted. I can’t tell you how many times I go through an entire bag in one sitting, it’s absurd. A low maintenance go to, when you just want things to be easy.


Pigs. In. Blankets.
So important. The bun. The mini hot dog. Just directly sent from the goddesses to dry those tears and be by your side through as many Rachel McAdams movies as your heart can take. I’m partial to Nathan’s.


My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream
A relatively new addition to my roster, but one to put at the top of your next shopping list. So good, so adorable, and so perfectly made for one (although you’ll never eat just one.) They have practically every ice cream flavor you could ever need and the mochi dough is so pillowy and sweet, it redefines comfort food. For real.


Girl Scout Cookies 
First of all thin mints are the only thing that matters on this planet, don’t @ me. And I know, I know — these are a tricky one because those little angels only pop up like once a year at your local grocery store and naturally it’s on the exact day you didn’t plan to go shopping. HOWEVER, if you’re lucky enough to know one of these cookie fairies, as I am, you can buy them online right on time for that next Netflix binge. PRO TIP: you can find wine pairings for each cookie here.

Girls Scouts

And that’s all she wrote. Clearly there are more snacks to be discussed (and eaten) but these are what’s currently at the top of my list. I’ll make any excuse to talk about food so maybe this will become a series, who knows!!