I’ve been in love with podcasts for years. Back in 2009 I even had my own with some colleagues and — needless to say — it was very, very bad. Wisely I decided to stick as a listener but I was so addicted to it I realized I needed to take a break. Yet the quality boom in recent productions — such as This American Life, Serial and Startup — and a long road trip with a friend (also a podcast lover) got me hooked again, this time in a more responsible way ;)

So I decided it would be fun to make this list in order to maybe help you understand my passion and why I believe podcast is such a powerful, engaging and meaningful medium. The rules are: episodes released in 2015 about human behavior and science.

Warning: If you didn't notice it yet, English is not my first language. :)

10. Case #2: Britney (by Mystery Show)

Yes, that Britney. But wait, please don't leave yet. You don't need to like Britney Spears to love this episode, I promise you. It's just fascinating to listen to Starlee Kine's journey to meet Britney, so she could ask her about a book from a writer no one reads. If you're fascinated about the curiosity that drives us humans, Kine should be your guide. It's not only entertaining, it's very inspiring.

9. Automation Paradox, Part 1 and Part 2 (by 99% Invisible)

The 99% Invisible podcast is about how Design impact our lives and the world around us. This two parts episode on automation does just that in a very effective way. …

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Quem comprou online já deve ter passado pela seguinte situação: ao tentar fechar uma compra, depara-se com um formulário de login. Você começa a tentar combinações de todos os e-mails que já teve na vida, com todas as senhas que já criou. Suando, tenta datas de aniversário de parentes distantes e até as suas senhas de banco — mas não acerta a senha de jeito nenhum. O que você acaba fazendo é usar o famigerado recurso “Esqueceu a senha?” para gerar uma nova chave. Temos claramente aí uma vilã: a senha.

Aprendemos muito criando o Smart Checkout. Dentre ameaças, commits, testes de usabilidade, batalhas e lágrimas, uma das maiores surpresas foi descobrir que ao eliminar a senha do processo de compra, a grande maioria dos usuários acaba nem percebendo que ela deveria ao menos existir. Nem mesmo quando o que eles estão fazendo é gastando dinheiro. Logo, se ninguém sente falta da senha, ela não tem razão de existir. …

Big picture + arrow down = lazy design

We’ve all seen it. You get on a website and there it is: a massive edge-to-edge picture, and it's beautiful… It’s a huge (pun intended) web design trend and it looks like a lot of people love it.

Ok not everybody loves it. Wait… What's that?

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Why are you screaming at me, arrow down? Or should I call you "scrorrow?" Ugh… I know how to use my computer, ok? I'm a natural explorer. I've been scrolling away for years and I'm not stupid. :( Please don't tell me what to do. It's rude.

“If you have to explain it, it ain’t working” — Milton…


Rodrigo Muniz

Human from Pernambuco. Also Product Designer @ Neon and DJ (former designer @ VTEX) — http://muniz.nu

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