Some questions to Adobe about Photoshop preferences

Hello Adobe,
So I've opened the new version of Photoshop CC and saw this:

The new Photoshop "Start" Workspace

Nice! New start screen. But after some time I'm not really a fan of start screens like that :( I like to keep my workspace clean. Let me get rid of it.

Hmm… I can’t seem to find where I turn it off. I'm looking for something like this:

An old “Start” screen from Adobe Flash

Let me look again:

Where is it?

There’s no “Don’t show again” option. Now I’m lost. You're actually the one to blame, Adobe. Because you've been using that pattern in your products for years…

Wait a minute, oh I see it now:


Oh THE GEAR! I feel so stupid, I'm sorry. The gear icon is widely used to show Settings/Preferences in apps, of course. Let me click it.

What? Textual instructions? Why not open the actual preferences window? Why such cognitive dissonance, Adobe? Maybe give me quick access to workspace preferences that already exists? Something like:

A quick suggestion to kill useless instructions

Ok, that may be personal choice. I'll go to Preferences > General. Wait…

Preferences > Workspace

I see you have a Preferences > Workspace panel there. Isn’t that supposed to be where I can find all workspace-related options?

Well at least the options are neatly organized into two groups:

Preferences > Workspace

Hmm something doesn’t feel right. Is "Condensed" really a group of just one choice? What makes that one thing not part of the "Options" group?

Sorry, I got distracted. Let me go to Preferences > General like you told me to:

Preferences > General

Ok, I’ve found it. But why put that Show “Start” Workspace… option under Preferences > General instead of Preferences > Workspace in the first place?

Why, Adobe? Please tell me: Why so messy? Why so dumb? Do you even care about your costumers and users?

Why is it that the quality of your products is inversely proportional to its price?

So many questions.