Saved You An Analyst Read on Kubernetes Growth (2018 Edition)

Ruben Orduz
Jun 30, 2018 · 1 min read

Last year I wrote a blog post about Kubernetes skyrocketing climb in interest and tag popularity in StackOverflow as well as GitHub repository stars. This year’s numbers are quite frankly jaw-dropping good. Number of questions per month have nearly doubled since May 2017. And GitHub stars (and forks) increased by nearly sixty percent in the same period.

Kubernetes # of Monthly Questions
Kubernetes Repository Popularity Stats

I’ve been part (or witness) to several technology cycles in the last 12 years and honestly, I don’t remember any of them enjoying such wild and unbridled following and enthusiasm in the community. I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing in the community and the progress that’s being achieved on every release. Here’s to better numbers in 2019!

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