14 Ways Relationships Are Like Dicks

  1. It can get hard
  2. It shouldn’t be all over social media
  3. Your partner’s opinion of it is the only thing that matters
  4. It has its ups and downs
  5. Things can get sticky
  6. If its unhealthy you should seek professional help
  7. The older you get the more effort you’ll have to put in
  8. Sometimes taking it slow can feel better
  9. You shouldn’t judge it if it’s not yours
  10. They are all different
  11. They have unrealistic standards set upon them by society
  12. It can look good from far away but close up not so much
  13. Just because its working good now doesn’t mean it always will
  14. Sometimes they come unexpectedly

Is your relationship like a dick? Are there any similarities you think I missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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