First of all, thank you.
Joshua Sanders

Thanks for replying. It took me a moment to get to this, and for that I apologize. In truth, I needed to research Obama ARA more fully, as well as deal with life’s daily foolery.

I do agree that we are caught in a seemingly inescapable war of sides. You are spot-on in your assertion that we are losing. Both blue and red have done the public great harm, either with individuals who are aligned or as a whole, in the past and in the present. This has been well documented many times over the years, but since the American public bought the us v. them party scheme long ago, most people don’t stop to read proposed bills and truly question legislative action on its face and intent for the public, so long as their party is pushing the agenda.

On the matter of the original post, Obama did list the same countries as places of interest and no one said a word. I said I do not think it wholly racial because of this fact. I find it highly economical, however, because if it were motivated by terrorism, I would expect to see Saudi Arabia on the list, since most persons involved in 9/11 were from there. In contrast, these seem like countries that we do not have many economical ties with, though I could be wrong.

On the wall AND these countries’ proposed ban, I don’t see either as really terrorist motivated, since these countries have not committed acts of terror against the US for over a decade. Additionally, both the wall and the ban would serve to bolster Trump’s claims about cracking down on immigration to give Americans a fighting chance at jobs. However, this is propaganda only, in my eyes, as this is: 1. a stop-gap measure with no real application for Americans to secure jobs and 2. fanning flames of some Americans’ sentiments about immigrants, so as to distract from the fact that Trump himself has heavily outsourced labor over the years. In summation, I find both the measures of the ban and the wall to be utterly useless distractions that do not really help America in the ways they purportedly will.

About Trump and racism, since Muslims are not a race but a faith, you are correct. However, in his campaign, he heavily criticized Muslims, saying he would enforce a ban to curtail their terrorism. This generalization of Muslims (the majority of whom are peaceful and not radicals), coupled with the generalizations about black communities being in dire need (though only 26% live in poverty, compared to the national 15%), because they stand to lose nothing, lead me to think he may be prejudiced. By the way, Trump also appealed to the black vote in this manner, though curiously, only in mostly or all white communities. (As a side-note, Trump’s defense of Omarosa is not seen as evidence because the black community sees her as a sell-out or Uncle Tom, if you will.) Additionally, his statements about women, which are documented, lead me to believe he is prejudiced and not racist.

At any rate, I could be decidedly prejudiced myself, against Trump, as I am a black, liberal arts & Christian college-educated woman. So I clearly have a vested interest in many of these areas. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond. I look forward to our (hopefully) continued discourse for this and many other subjects to come. Keep writing, the world needs it.

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