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The final build of iOS 14.0 will be released soon, and it’s about time to make sure our apps are running great on iOS 14. This year Apple introduced major changes in UISplitViewController, which are mostly dedicated to a new three-column layout and a sidebar. While the new sidebar UI looks great, in this post I will only focus on changes to existing functionality that we already use in our apps and show what can go wrong when your existing app is run on iOS 14. With that said let’s dive in.

New style property and why there is an unspecified style type

Probably the first thing that you’ll notice when looking at the UISplitViewController API exclusive to iOS 14 will be a new initializer that accepts UISplitViewController.Style as a single argument. While doubleColumn and tripleColumn styles are fairly self-explanatory, there is a third mysterious option called unspecified. After some testing, it became clear that unspecified style is a way to tell UIKit that you want iOS 13 behavior, so if you don’t want to deal right now with all the issues described next, you can enjoy the old behavior even when running on iOS 14, if you’ll use the unspecified style. The only issue with this scenario is that it is a bit tricky to set this specific style. Next, I’ll quickly summarize solutions that do and don’t work for such a task. …


Rostyslav Dovhaliuk

iOS Developer. Creator of Electronics Engineer Helper app

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