Uber is screwing me over so so bad. They keep taking away my fairs and you cannot get a hold of them. They have no topics to what the problem you have is. You pick a topic of no relations to what you are trying to get across and they reply about the topic that you chose. There is more, more and more. I need someone to contact me. I have a VERY STRONG case to bring onto them. I am so (holding back from profanity) so, so, so, so pissed off with them and they are laughing right in my face and spitting as they do it. I need to get this out of all the wrong doings that they are succeeding in to us drivers. We’re nothing but a piece of shit and a way for them to make big dollars and wipe their ass with our faces. IT HAS TO STOP. I call a number and it tells me to put in a code to what county you are in. Where in the hell is the code. You cannot find it. They keep it hidden so you cannot reach them. IT HAS TO STOP. HOW ARE THEY GETTING AWAY WITH THIS AND CONTINUING TO GO ABOUT THEIR CROOKED BUSINESS? HELP!!!!! HELP!!!! HELP!!!! PLEASE HELP?????

my email: rdoyoncomm@comcast.net