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Artificial Intelligence and Lawyers — Transformation of Legal Industry 
Future of technology will be heavily dependent upon artificial intelligence and it is bound to transform legal industry, lawyers and law firms in a major way.


Q. How does technology impact lawyers and law firms? 
Impact of technology has been felt regularly by lawyers and law firms ever since the emergence of email and personal computers. Scanning and printing documents for lawsuits is core need of every law firm and legal practitioner. Electronic discovery (e-discovery) plays a crucial role and law practice is gradually transforming into next generation application areas fuelled by big data and artificial intelligence.

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Q. What is Artificial Intelligence or AI? 
Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as it is commonly known, refers to computer learning or cognitive learning whereby computers learn to execute tasks traditionally done by humans based on data patterns, data evaluation and determining corresponding results, thereby making complex problems easy to solve.

Q. How can AI be used by lawyers? 
Lawyers and law firms can transform their legal practice by using AI. By using text analytics, language processing and machine learning, lawyers can formulate preventive strategies like predicting litigation and managing workflows in real time. Specifically, among hundreds and thousands of legal documents, important ones can be determined to prevent data breach by structuring the unstructured data.

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