However you wanna spin it, a helluva lot of otherwise Dem-leaning voters obviously decided that NOT…
Mateo D

I don’t believe that the neo-nazi, white supremacist “alt-right” were creating memes regarding Clinton’s racism and nativism. Indeed, those would be selling points according to their world view. So your specious assertion that “progressives,” whether Sanders supporting, or self-righteous, or something else entirely, were influenced by those reactionaries is pretty much false on its face. Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” didn’t resonate with the left, but well documented accounts of Clinton’s nativism, imperialism, racism, militarism, and neoliberalism most certainly did.

When confronted with factual material about Clinton, your first reaction is to try to lump any criticism of right-of-center Clinton in with that of her opponents on the far-right. There’s no basis for that, and there were plenty of well written essays in prominent publications (i.e. not memes) examining Clinton’s major shortcomings. Clinton being marginally less racist and nativist than Trump was not a winning election strategy. Here’s a piece by the celebrated Professor Michelle Alexander on Clinton’s racism, and one by me on Clinton’s nativism.

If you can find anything in either of those articles that support your contentions supra, let me know.