It’s sad that the indoctrination going on in our once-great cathedrals of higher education has gone…

I’m hardly a “career student.” Moreover, making a simple statement of fact is only “ludicrous clap-trap” to someone unfamiliar with the subject matter at hand. It’s likely that you have not attended law school, so you might be unfamiliar with the terms I discussed above. There’s no shame in that, you’re just lacking in education. The United States Constitution is a racist document on its face, but don’t believe me, read it instead. Since reactionaries are averse to reading, I’ll save you the trouble and provide you this passage from my Constitutional Law textbook:

“Several constitutional provisions expressly protected aspects of the institution of slavery. Article I, §2 requires apportionment of the House of Representatives based on the “whole Number of free Persons” and “three fifths of all other Persons.” Article I, §9 prevented Congress from banning the importation of slaves until 1808 and Article V of the Constitution prohibited this provision from being altered by constitutional amendment. Article IV, §2 contains the Fugitive Slave Clause, which provided, “No Person held to Service or Labour in one State, under the Laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in Consequence of any Law or Regulation therein, be discharged from such Service or Labour, but shall be delivered up on Claim of the Party to whom such Service or Labour may be due.””

— Chemerinsky, Erwin. Constitutional Law., 2013. Print.

The document enshrined the vile act of holding human beings, namely blacks, in chattel slavery. If you don’t find that problematic, then you’re likely the one not thinking “rationally.”

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