Kenneth Mejia for Congress! Let’s vote left! Vote GREEN today!

I’m voting for the only left candidate in the CD34 race!

Via Fernando Ramirez:

On Tuesday April 4 #YesWeKen let’s make history Raza in the East LA and LA communities of Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, City Terrace, NELA, Westlake District, K-Town, Downtown LA and all other communities in #CD34. Green Party Socialist for congress special election the Democratic Party has had controlled of CD 34 for generations and in CD 34 we have the highest homeless population in the Country, attacks on working families with the housing crisis and gentrification, attacks on our immigrant communities in CD 34 with the Obama deportations and attacks and now Trump, CD 34 has one of the highest concentration of young people under the DACA program, Kenneth’s campaign is fighting for the Dream Act, we are fighting for Single Payer Health Care the Chicano-Latino community still lacks health care coverage, our campaign will launch the national fight for Universal Rent Control one step in fighting against gentrification. The Democratic Party machine in LA gets campaign money from rich developers that gentrify the community, the Democratic Party does not support single payer health care because they receive money from health care companies and corporations. The communities in CD 34 are in the front lines against the attacks by the Trump administration and the Democratic Party has only used us and the Democratic Party have sold out our communities to corporate interest. CD 34 also has the highest rates of police brutality and officer involved shootings we are fighting for the justice for the community against police brutality. This campaign was organized from the bottom up by a Grass Roots movement not by corporate donations like the Democratic Party candidates. Hasta La Victoria Siempre. Vote Green. Vote for change on April 4.