“Liberal” Ginsberg attacks Colin Kaepernick’s principled stand against systemic racism

Notorious RBG (Reactionary Bourgeois Ginsburg)

Three takes on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s banal commentary regarding both Colin Kaepernick and all the other principled athletes standing up to white supremacy.

All the cute memes and other ridiculous idolatry of RBG doesn’t change that she is a steward of perhaps the most undemocratic institution in this country. Her comments here betray the arrogance of the ruling elite of which she is certainly a proud member. — Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

These are the words Ginsburg uses to describe Kaepernick’s actions: “dumb,” “disrespectful,” “ridiculous,” “stupid,” and “arrogant.” Before her fans rush to say that she nevertheless defended his right not to stand for the national anthem, let me point out that Ginsburg’s long-time friend — and liberal scourge — Antonin Scalia also defended people’s right to burn flags, all the while calling them “sandal-wearing, scruffy-bearded weirdos.”—Professor Corey Robin

We recently had to read Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s traditionalist opinion in Drye v. United States. I was struck not only by her tortured logic, but by how eager she was to wield the oppressive structures of state against working class individuals in a way she that never would (or has) against corporate interests. Ginsburg’s not-so-veiled racist attacks on Colin Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter movement are just further evidence that Liberal darling “Notorious RBG” is just a click or two on the dial away from the arch-reactionaries Liberals rightfully rail against.—Robert D. Skeels


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