I don’t know if I want to cry or to laugh… Is it trolling or serious?
Jane Doe, programmer

Perhaps Doe should start with their own homework?

Interesting that Jane Doe, programmer would exhort others to “study the meaning of the words” and then immediately try to establish a tenuous link between words like “socialism,” “socialist,” “Marxism,” and the DPRK.

Marxists define socialism as worker control of the means of production. A socialist state would consist of workers councils which would elect immediately recallable persons from workplaces, communities, etc., to represent them in all the decision making processes of society — including production and allocation of resources. I’m not aware of any of those conditions or circumstances existing in the DPRK, so Doe’s rhetoric is reactionary, right-wing nonsense.

Moreover, for a person that scolds others to look words up and do their homework, Doe obviously didn’t practice what they preach when they rolled out the non-word “irregardless.”

Late capitalism, as manifested by its imperialism, neoliberalism, and neocolonialism, is doing everything that Holly Wood points out and more. The brilliant Rosa Luxemburg pointed out that the alternatives were “socialism or barbarism.” With free market capitalism driving most of the world to the point of extinction, one would think that folks like Doe would be a little less aggressive defending such a monstrous system of oppression and exploitation.

Going back to Doe’s example of the DPRK. While DPRK is a horribly repressive autocracy, we do know that it isn’t the nation dropping bombs on civilian MSF clinics in Kunduz, nor is it the nation illegally aiding and abetting right-wing coups in the global south, nor is the country deliberately creating failed states, nor is the nation deporting vulnerable migrant children to children to certain torture, rape, and death. The dubious distinction of committing those horrific acts belong to the bastion of free market capitalism itself: the empire.

I’m no millennial, but I understand why many millennials have the analysis of capitalism that they do. They’re simply paying attention.

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