Postmodernist fundamentalists are now ‘educating’ me on how to write.
Jonathan Ferguson (One Tongue Johnny)

That you erroneously believe that Marxism is a postmodern development is the first of your many misunderstandings. In fact, some of the sharpest critiques of postmodernism are by Marxist thinkers.

You then assert that my “ideology” comprises a bizarre litany of “sacred edicts,” none of which are ideas I subscribe to with the exception of the “capitalism is oppressive” part.

You claim you know “how to write.” How about providing some publication in which you are published? If your stream-of-consciousness and malapropism-laden style displayed here is indicative of your prose, it’s doubtful you’ve been published anywhere of note.

I know young folks like yourself think that you can bring your 4chan style of commentary to other venues, but it’s not working here.

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