The Red State Blues
Val Perry

Thanks, Val, for the shout out to Dems living in and trying to plunge-and-flush the swirling, turd infested toilet that is a Red State. I was born and grew up in Oklahoma, one of the reddest of Red States, where it’s almost as dangerous to wear a Planned Parenthood t-shirt to the grocery store as it would be an hijab. And the Bernouts here? Angry, hateful, misogynistic, racist assholes that sound just like the oh-so-holy-christian Republicans that control the state. I really can’t tell them apart sometimes. They all have lots of guns. After the election in November, the Dems in our state finally got pissed enough to stop complaining and get busy working to replace the stupid Republican fuckers that have been running our state for so long. It’s a tough battle that seems hopeless some days, but it’s easy to rejuvenate when you see just one more person show up to join the fight. On Friday, I was working at our county’s Democratic Party office, and a 92 year old woman came in who had just become an officer in her precinct for the very first time. She was also wearing a fabulous hat. Maybe there is hope. Your smart writing helps a lot, too.

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