My Mother the Trump Voter
Val Perry

Val, that was such a moving story you told. I am from a very red state, and I count my blessings every time I see my mom that she voted for Hillary. My father passed away from dementia in 2013. He was a life long Republican, and probably, one of the best men I’ve ever known. He never agreed with the Republican “religious coalition” that thought they needed to govern women and their bodies. He said Roe v Wade is law and they will never overturn it. He felt safe with the two party system we have and the checks and balances on our government the Constitution provides (Watergate). However, the only Republican presidential candidate he didn’t vote for in his life was Goldwater. I’ve thought about my dad every day since the election and wonder if he would have been taken in by the crazier and crazier Republican propaganda of last 20 years. Would he have voted for Trump?!? Surely not, surely not, I tell myself. But maybe? My older brother, who during his teenage years, wore a black arm band to the dinner table every night to protest the Vietnam war, now follows the Fox Cult, buys guns, and repeats the crazy ass shit he hears on Rush Limbaugh. I do not understand this. And it’s impossible to talk to him about it with any rational conversation. We’ve only spoken once since the election. In truth, I’m glad my dad is gone now, and that I can imagine he would have done the right thing and voted for Hillary rather than that sociopath that was elected. I’m glad I don’t know; I could not take the extra grief right now. Thank you, Val.

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