4 Myths About the Abortion Debate Many of Us Believe
John Osburn

I read and shared on FB your article, “3 Reasons a Pro-Life, White Guy Joined the Women’s March.” In it is a link to this article. In my opinion, your Myth #4 is as reasonable and reflective of truly caring about human lives as the “3 Reasons” article. However, I think your rejections of the “3 myths that many pro-choice people believe,” fail.

Myth #1: Human life begins at some point besides conception

You dismiss this “myth” with the words of one woman who clings to the BELIEF, not known fact, that “life begins at conception” and you fail to provide any other justification for regarding this belief as fact. In short, it’s a myth because people who don’t believe it, say so. The rest of your arguments here rely on this “fact” including, “To argue any differently, that an embryo or fetus is not human, is to be intellectually dishonest.” Well, I would submit that to claim as a fact something you cannot prove is “intellectually dishonest.” You also claim, “To argue that size, viability, self-dependence, or any other factor besides existence defines life leads to many problems.” My question is, “Why don’t you voice support for the notion that the only factor that truly ‘defines [human] life’ is the presence of a soul?” No soul = no human being.

Having failed to demonstrate that a “human life” really does “begin at conception,” nevertheless you include this “fact” in dismissing the next two myths… plus

Myth #2: It’s not my place to tell someone else what to do

You also claim that this is a myth because it can be stretched to extremes (permitting beating one’s spouse, slavery). This is the Logical Fallacy “Reductio ad absurdum.” And…

Myth #3: Miscarriage and abortion are morally and ethically equivalent

1) There is no moral or ethical component to a miscarriage, aka spontaneous abortion, because there is no human agency.

2) If an embryo is not a human being, there is no moral or ethical component to abortion either. It is only your unproven “fact” that allows anyone to paint abortion as either unethical or immoral.

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