Have you ever wondered what makes those badass teams you idolize so good at what they do? John Boyd put in a lot of work figuring it out. For those that don’t know, John Boyd was a USAF Fighter Pilot, and later, a military strategist who spent a lot of time thinking about and analyzing the components of a winning team, mostly as it pertains to the art of warfare.

As it turns out, the answers have a LOT in common with a winning team in the workplace (business and war are, after all, quite similar). …

I place a high value on innovation. Like, really high.

Innovation (put simply) is about creating new and better process, products, or solutions/features. It can be about taking something that exists, and reimagining it in a better way: one that may be simpler, easier to maintain, more performant, or potentially solving more problems than originally intended (or with less side-effects). …

As you can probably tell, I do a lot of reading around the web, Kindle e-books, and occasionally some podcasts. I mostly read about how to level-up people, create strong teams, and better ways to operate as it relates to Software Engineering.

This list here is meant to be a fairly raw capture of some Best Practices I’ve come to apply over the years that have served me well. Feel free to peruse, and apply them to your workflow. Let me know if it improves things for you!

Best Practices

Deliver something, anything, early. And do it often. The sooner you get early feedback on your framework, tool, website, product design–whatever you’re working on–the better. Even if it’s rough as hell, and all the data you return is completely synthetic and arbitrary, acquainting your customers with the expected User Interface / User Experience can pay dividends in allowing you to pivot earlier, before you’ve written a huge pile of code in the wrong direction. …

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