I place a high value on innovation. Like, really high.

Innovation (put simply) is about creating new and better process, products, or solutions/features. It can be about taking something that exists, and reimagining it in a better way: one that may be simpler, easier to maintain, more performant, or potentially…

As you can probably tell, I do a lot of reading around the web, Kindle e-books, and occasionally some podcasts. I mostly read about how to level-up people, create strong teams, and better ways to operate as it relates to Software Engineering.

This list here is meant to be a…

At work recently, one of my colleagues posted an article titled “Do we need $75,000 to be happy?”. The crux of which was that basically anything over $80k yearly is superfluous — unnecessary luxury.

My response, having lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 12 years now, was incredulous. Uh…

Ryan Du Bois

Manager, CoreOS @ Apple

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