• Bryson Gardner

    Bryson Gardner

    CEO at @pearl_auto

  • Rodent IA

    Rodent IA

  • Shawn Kirsch

    Shawn Kirsch

    Software Engineer @thefoundryteam by day, sketch junkie by night. http://t.co/O0gnJaXhje

  • Red


    SF stand-up comic and creator/co-host of @boarsgoreswords. Also that guy who took those engagement photos. RTs of me are contractually binding endorsements.

  • Ben Blumenfeld

    Ben Blumenfeld

  • Nina Suetake

    Nina Suetake

    Coffee-fueled perpetual motion machine. Climb, run, snowboard, sing, dance, play…write. @monkeysmash http://www.ninasuetake.com

  • Ayodeji Afolabi

    Ayodeji Afolabi

    Digital marketer | #startup enthusiast | @uwinnipeg 16' @Bcit 18' | Working to providde value | Fam @tosinAF

  • Joseph Fisher

    Joseph Fisher

    Co-Founder & VP of Engineering @Pearl_Auto

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