Every time a back-end developer does a front-end challenge a puppy dies

So the goal here is to start a compilation of very simple project ideas to learn new technologies without having to go through the hustle of building a front-end layer for the browser.

I’ll start with one, but hopefully the list will grow.

This post was clearly inspired by “✅ Every time you build a to-do list app, a puppy 🐕 dies 😢”, which gives lots of great ideas for writing simple apps when trying to learn a new technology. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do.

Project #1: a command-line chat app

This one is great to exercise the power of server-sent events (SSE) and command line interfaces, I believe. The bare minimum is to have a CLI that you could start with mychat <username> and then chat with other people who have joined in real time.

Extra features:

  • Multiple rooms
  • Automatic colors for different users
  • Room management
  • Facebook authentication
  • Black-listing words
  • Editing/deleting messages
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