My 5 tips to stop feeling overwhelmed and overworked

Not so long ago, I felt overwhelmed with too much activities: part-time studying, entrepreneurship and all the activities related to working in a young company made me feel like it was impossible for me to assume all I had to do. I decided to review all my activities and analyze what I was doing wrong and eventually found what I could enhance. This is not a magical recipe but I hope it will help you if you’re in the same case as I was!

  • Fill the gaps. Commuting with public transportation gives you the opportunity to work, read or do anything but driving. I commute one hour per weekday on average, which makes 5 hours available to work on useful things instead of watching Netflix or browsing randomly on Facebook.
  • Let go and admit perfection cannot (or doesn’t need to) be reached all the time. I used to try to control everything, willing to have everything under control and done 200% perfectly. I decided to start assuming that some tasks do not require as many energy as I used to spend to execute them (have a look at the Pareto principle — also known as the 80–20 law — for a good explanation). This article helped me diagnose and cure my unconscious obsession for perfectionism.
    Also, have faith in people. By trusting others and being more comprehensive in their opinions and how they do things, you’ll be able to delegate stuff you’re not supposed to do and free time for really important activities.
  • Enjoy the rare moments of calm. As long as I’ll be studying part time, I know my free time will be very rare. This is why I now avail each moment of calm by just spending time with my wife, having a walk in the forest, visiting friends and family while trying to disconnect from the stressing tasks by leaving my smartphone at home (or at least by not checking my e-mail).
  • Have good nights of sleep. Sleeping enough is in my opinion the most important advice. I always try to start the week well rested and full of energy by going to sleep early on Sunday evening. Nothing is worse than sleep debt as it makes you less and less productive over the week.
  • Organization and routine are crucial. By separating all your activities and clearing unnecessary clutter, you’ll be able to focus on one task at a time and consequently be more productive.
    Creating evening and morning routines helped me being more efficient in the morning and start the day calmly by taking time to have a good breakfast (nothing’s worse than leaving home late and tackling the day stressed).

What about you ? What do you do to assume all your responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed ?

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