Charismatic authority “can be extraordinary, and can inspire followers to make unusual sacrifices or to preserve in the midst of great hardship and persecution” (Openstax, 2014). They normally arise after crisis for the United States this crisis is the recession.

Donald Trump is a charismatic authority, because he ran for president as a republican party after many republicans had felt that Obama had destroyed the United States. A charismatic authority is a party who people are drawn to his personality. An example of this is Trumps say yes mentality to the republican party. Donald Trump’s ideas have mostly been to implement laws that republican feel is necessary. Such as immigrant plans and his idea to Make America great and re-establishing the United States as a world power again. Also, Donald trump is famous for his show the apprentice which has made him well known.

Whereas, rational-legal authority is “power is vested in a particular rationale, system, or ideology and not necessarily in the person who implements the specifics of that doctrine” (Openstax, 2014). Donald Trump after taking office will begin to follow the constitution to implement laws. As president, many other congressional parties will approve or deny his ideas.

I do not believe that Donald Trump’s behavior will change because of his transition from a charismatic authority to a ration-legal authority. Mostly, because the ideas that Donald Trump has discusses are true to the ideas of the constitution. Per, poliplatform Donald Trump “wants to pass laws in accordance with our constitutional system of government must be enforced” (PolitPlatform- Donald Trump’s Policies). Also, many of his other ideas as president stand behind the constitution of the United States and defend our rights as Americans. I believe the only issue Donald Trump will face as president is the push back of other political parties in regards to his ideas.