Meritocracy is defined as “an ideal system based on the belief that social stratification is the result of person effort or merit that determines social standing” (OpenStax) With this definition I do believe the United States is a country that is built on meritocracy. Great examples of this are the many people in the United States who have advanced in from one social stratification level to another. For example, I was raised in poverty in a family of five. However, now I am upper middle class and have achieved this level of social status by working hard and earning a degree. Although, this task was an easier one to complete before the United States went into a great recession it is still maintainable.

Personally the social stratification perspective I agree with is the David-Moore thesis of functionalism. Although, I served in the United States Military and understand that the Military is needed I agree that our society pays those that are needed more than those who are not needed. Also, I support the concept that many of the workers that are needed in our society have better educations and higher social standings. Although, the Unites States Military is needed the personnel that volunteer can be easily replace and those that have higher educations are paid more.