Everything We Learned About Launching a #1 Product on Product Hunt

Our product received over 1,000 Upvotes!

All of our tips, numbers and tons of screenshots ☺

I love how inspiring Product Hunt is, rounding up new creations everyday!

Two cool Product Hunt manuals/guides just came out, it’s great to see more people share their “launch experiences”

Our own product: Remotive Jobs did quite well, reaching #1 spot for a day with 1,000+ upvotes (as of today) and did #3 in 2015 overall (so far).

Here is our story, and what worked well for us! All comments and feedback are welcome ☺

Due to the nature of our Product, Remotive Jobs, not all tips are replicable☺

Launching Remotive Jobs, after some learnings.

ACT ONE — Learning

Few months ago, we (Jeremy & myself) started Remotive: a newsletter for Productive Remote Workers, you can read more about the inception of the project on Medium.

… And then one day, Remotive got Hunted!

Our 1st ever ProductHunt launch

It was great fun!

I wrote all about our 1st Product Hunt learnings over here,

In this article, we’ll focus on our latest Product Hunt launch

ACT TWO — Preparing

For weeks, we had been working on a new product:

Remotive Jobs, a curated collection of remote startup jobs.

On the week just before our launch, another product in the similar field of interest had done really well.

We had no idea someone was about to launch another Remote product on PH, it was still a good validation.

(Many more “Remote” products did not encounter the same success)

Remote Internships launched a week before Remotive Jobs!

This time, we’ve tried to prepare a bit more for the launch. Here is what we did before launching:

Identifying our Influencers

Brian was kind enough to submit Remotive Jobs to ProductHunt just after midnight PST, since he is a top influencer it helped us getting some attention!

Also, my nice colleagues over at Buffer helped pushing the product. Another idea was to contact anyone who requested early access to our product, or who gave us feedback, to let them know it’s now a good time to voice their feedback publicly.

The cool folks from Hashtag Nomad are always keen to help the remote cause, it was another great place for us to be present — Pieter Levels tweeted about the rise of Remote Working on that day:

A nice comment about Remotive Jobs!

Remotive also has awesome Remotive Partners — those are startups who strongly believe in Remote Working and have helped us in the launch of it all:

CloudPeeps, InVision, Sqwiggle, iDoneThis, HelpScout, FormStack, Blossom, Ghost, Zapier, Customer.io & Buffer.


Since we got started with Remotive, about 150 people had once said “let me know if I can be of any help”.

One of the many reasons why “People are awesome!”

We made sure to draft individual email to each and everyone of them to let them know this day had come, together with publishing across all social channels. You can also read more about the on the “Power of Preparing your launch” over here.

Capturing Intent

Before launching, we made a few changes:

We removed Pages that could have been distracting/adding less value — only keeping About / Tools / Jobs.

We added sharing capabilities (AddThis), an A/B tested HelloBar up top to capture emails while people are on the page — as well as social proof to show how many people already signed up, HelloBar collected close to 1,000 emails (some of them were duplicates from our existing subscribers).

Experimenting with HelloBar

Also, we updated our Submit Job/Contact link to allow everyone/anyone to get in touch.

HelloBar and AddThis were very helpful

ACT THREE — Launching

A Crazy Day

In my short Product Hunt experience, posting as early as possible in the day is interesting, since it gives your product some time to get one of the top spots so that when the East Coast and West Coast wake up and come online, you already have a nice set up.

Skype chat between Singapore-Paris-Montreal

We had planned to launch on a Monday, we ended up launching on a Tuesday: I was in Singapore, PA was in Paris, France and Jeremy in Montreal, Canada = loads of Remote excitement that day!

Let’s do it!

Then we all jumped on answering emails, reaching out some more, replying to comments and sharing our efforts around!

Getting some Analytics fever

Few hours later, we made it! Twitter and Snapchat both launched new products on that day, it was such an awesome experience to jump on everyone’s comments and questions.

#1 for the day!

Beyond Product Hunt

Since this is a “launch” day, it feels good to tap into other communities as well, we made #6 on HackerNews for a little bit, as well as being present on Reddit:

Listed as #6 of a massive, relevant sub-reddit

ACT FOUR — Reflecting

We only had 90 jobs available, it was a great exercise to get to quantify how much traffic was coming in, and how many clicks we got:

HelloBar 26,000 views and 643 emails captured

Mixpanel shows that our 90 jobs received about 26,000 clicks in 72 hours, it feels great to be able to share that with all those partners who helped us get off the ground! It’s also great to observe the “Bell-curve” distribution with a huge spike, then going back to a higher “normal level” going forward ☺

Also, being in the “Top 3" gets you a spot in the “Top Hunts Yesterday”, offering us a nice boost of traffic: about 50–75% of the traffic that we got on the ProductHunt day.

Looking at MixPanel stats

Also super interesting to look into the various traffic sources on the day after:

Remotive is a portal, bounce rate is high ☺

What we could have improved

It’s great to see so much support from the ProductHunt community and remote community. Reflecting on the launch, it could have been a bit better to be a lot more present on Twitter throughout the launch.

We also publish our newsletter every Monday, and launched on Tuesday, missing out on the opportunity to double down on our Launch day by featuring our ProductHunt presence to about 2,500 people at the time.

Another thing would be social media channels we haven’t explored just yet or just a little bit, such as Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr.

Experimenting with Google+ Communities (here, Google Alumni Network)

Opportunities/challenges going forward

It’s always great to see how much energy and attention projects get through ProductHunt, then the second phase kicks-in to try to go the distance.

After getting a nice bit of interest, as a job board and newsletter curating information we want to focus on providing on-going value resulting retention and organic growth.

This feels like we might want to learn more from our subscribers to see if creating a platform/portal for a community to interact and learn from one another could be beneficial.

Also, since Remotive is a free, easy to use service, and it doesn’t require you to login — it’s probably simple for everyone to get an idea of what we do very quickly without signing up, resulting in more upvotes thanks to simplicity.


What worked for us: Preparing early, reaching out to experts, doubling down on early adopters, tracking all-the-things, capturing intent, providing value upfront, tap into a “trend”, create a network of partners, keeping is simple.

What we could improve: Cover more social platforms, doubling down on our strengths, leverage mainstream media/tech websites and blogs, organize an exclusive ProductHunt-related discount… Feel free to comment here ☺

An exclusive discount make you stand out even more ☺

Newsletter subscribers gain

Sharing the love

Remotive wish to share the best tips & jobs for Remote Working.

Being on Product Hunt with our two different products helped us immensely to grow and create momentum!

We’re extremely grateful to Ryan Hoover and the cool ProductHunt crew for their incredibly useful and friendly site!

If you enjoyed this article, it would mean a lot to me if you felt like recommending it ☺

Any questions, tips or feedback?

Just hit me up on Twitter or email hello(at)remotive(dot)io anytime!

Happy Hunting from Remotive!