Introducing Remotive’s Slack Community

The world’s largest virtual water-cooler!

The other day, I was asked, “What’s the hardest part about working remotely?”

I first thought it’s about being be organized and productive everyday, yet after reflecting it’s really about how you connect with people…

Remote work can get lonely, especially if you don’t have colleagues around to ask for advice, or share a good joke with… It got me thinking:

How do we replace the water-cooler?
How do we create meaningful relationships, remotely?

Introducing Remotive’s Slack Community

Today, we’re excited to introduce Remotive’s Slack Community, we’re gathering about 500 remote workers actively chatting:

Remotivers are from everywhere!

💼 Sharing jobs…

Find a remote job on #jobs

👍…Sharing tips…

Connect on #productivity with remote workers who build the tools you use:

🌴 …and learning from each other!

Check our our #parenting-tips channel:

Why join this community?

Some people go travelling as nomads to connect with others, which can be great fun. Yet, not every remote worker can do it nor do they want to do it all the time.

Our goal is to make Remotive’s Slack Community the best place to find a remote job, chat productivity or simply share a good joke!

To do that, we’ve set up a membership to help us build more services for Remote workers by improving our job board, and building a remote work knowledge base.

We share Nomadlist’s and Pinboard’s mentality on free vs paid for services, our mission is to serve remote workers in the long haul.

They talk about Remotive!

We’ll keep sending our newsletter to 25,000 people for free, only our Slack community will require you to pay a fee.

How it looks like” from the inside”
Get access to top remote workers around the globe, we hope to see you on Slack!
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