The 3 Balls

There were 3 types of balls; one made up of glass, one of iron and other of rubber.

Their owner put them on a shelf, they all were happy seeing the world from a height.

One day there was an Earthquake & all balls fell to the ground...

The glass ball broke into pieces once it hit the ground...

When Iron ball touched ground; nothing happened to it but broke several things around it!

But When rubber ball touched ground it sprang back to double the height it had fallen from...

In our life too people are made up of glass, iron or rubber.

People of rubber are hard to defeat since they #Defeatdefeat... They don’t stop on one point of failure but they rise back until & unless goal is achieved.

It’s all about the next step!

Yes its on you what you want to be, its on you how high you wanna reach,its on you how you wanna reach your goal, its on you to show you what you can do which you thought you couldn’t do.

Rise up, face the world & show your power to rise always you fall.
People are successful because they never quit.

Don’t keep on thinking of how you fell from such a height, but start thinking; how to rise back to double the height from where you fell!

Wake Up, be a rubber ball!