The Surprising Reassurance of Struggling

When you face that resistance, that mental block, that want-to-quit-and-give-up feeling of hopelessness. That no-good feeling of despair. When you feel this way, consider, this feeling is normal. And It’s a good sign.

This resistance, the struggle to press on, is a sign you’re going in the right direction. …

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Instead of examining each other’s seemingly perfect lives, what if we only saw each other’s determination to live better, be better, and strive for more? Instead of comparing ourselves, what if we saw the advantages for us in others’ success. …

How to be Happy to Give (Always)

It’s true what they say: the more you give, you still gain in return somehow. The supply never seems to run out — the joy, time, resources, things. It’s only when you fear lack, it’s only when you fear not having enough, that you are unhappy.

Notice: Are you giving…

Engrave New Natural Tendencies

Here’s what’s interesting:
I am naturally inclined toward failure, doubt, and fear. I am naturally inclined to give in and give up before a challenge is completed. What feels natural to me doesn’t often serve my best interests.

Here’s what’s promising:
What is natural is malleable. Nothing is set in stone…

The Collective Mind

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