As of today, I am no longer on the active Misfits roster.

My intentions are not to make a big deal about this, but as someone who is fortunate enough in being able to put thoughts to sheets, why not shed some light on the situation.

Following going out last place at TakeTV, Contenders season 0 was the full-Swedish Misfits last shot at redemption, but our hail mary of role switches and straight-forward approach did not yield fruit, and our days as a team were numbered. Everyone in the team knew going into the Swedish World Cup stop in Sydney, Australia, that once we returned to Contenders Season 1, things weren’t going to be the same.

I worked hard on trying to put my knowledge and emotions to good use for the sake of Misfits, drafting a shortlist of free agents available for the next iteration of the roster, listing pros and cons of each, I wished nothing but success for the players that deserved it on our then current roster, and our employer who had invested a significant amount of money into us without the deserved return. And I’m glad to say that a couple of changes later, some of what I heavily vouched for came to fruition.

However, this week I also got notified that I had been moved into a substitute role on the team as the team no longer felt the need of my Winston services for the time being. Not due to lack of individual skill, but because with new leadership being properly established in the new Misfits roster, I essentially had no room to be the opinionated player I am. Honestly it did not strike me with surprise given the final circumstances, and my awareness of the situation going into the roster shake-up, but it’s bittersweet after all to make the final decision in asking management for allowance in looking for opportunities elsewhere going into the Overwatch League.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d happily fight for my starting spot on a 12-man roster going into Overwatch League, or obey a strategic coach to ensure a like-minded approach as a team in-game, it’s inevitable,

but in the case of Misfits, I’d have to fight an uphill battle of changing another player’s perception of me as a person, after already playing together for 9 months, rather than knowing all I’d have to do in order to get a chance was to be better. Add to that the leader in turn will remain a player rather than a strategic coach, a role I was offered but in turn, for the team being, declined, I felt maybe it was time for me to experience a breath of fresh air, and delve into the unknown.

And so here I am, not a “free agent”, as I’m still under the Misfits contract, but I’ve been granted permission to look for opportunities elsewhere going into Contenders Season 1, and eventually, Overwatch League. For the first time in my Overwatch career, I won’t have scrims to return to at the end of this World Cup journey around the world, and for the first time in 18 months, once I get into those scrims I’m longing for, I won’t be playing alongside my better half TviQ.


I’m eternally grateful for this guy taking a chance on me back when he initially put together what became the first dominant iteration of the Rogue roster. He spotted my dedication and work-ethic, gave me the benefit of the doubt, and $29,000 in prize money winnings each later, it’s time to bid farewell to my long-standing roommate and formerly, the Genji to my Winston… for now.

The amount of stories the two of us have together. From the kebab in Poland during our pre-Gamescom bootcamp, the streets of a smog-filled Shanghai, or underground KBBQ restaurants in Seoul, to many reassuring and career changing Skype conversations in between.

To all the guys in the new Misfits roster, best of luck. I hold no grudges nor do I feel unfairly treated. The Misfits management (Ben, Joe “Innerflame” and Cyril “WindZ”) has been supportive in all of this and ensured me they’d be there helping me regardless of my decision.

If anyone is interested in an experienced tank main going into a hectic 2017 finale, highly skilled with both Reinhardt and Winston, and a student of the strategic game, let me know! You’ll get ahold of me.

/ Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson