reDSGN Web Redesigned

First version of reDSGN
The new version of reDSGN

reDSGN recently just got a sleek rebrand and redesign. reDSGN (pronounced as redesign) is a daily redesign inspiration site where we curate the best redesign stories every single day. The team is based in South East Asia but interested in inspirations from everywhere in the globe.

The new web redesign features the look and feel of a wireframe which takes the core essence of any web design. Such minimalist design is not merely emptiness or scarcity but rather intentionally stripping away everything that distracts users from content. In order for such minimal design to be effective, we structured the site effectively with a strong grid, visual balance and carefully constructed alignment (thus the two grid three layers visual separation).

Another amazing feature introduced in the new design will be a handy draggable slider to quickly compare two images, powered by CSS3 and jQuery. The comparison slider allows users to compare before and after the redesign. On top of that, we are not restricting ourselves on everything web and app but rather branch out in the search of redesign inspirations for gadgets, brands, games and so on.

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