There is a simple, economical, common-sense way to kill the coronavirus and safely reopen the entire economy, and the President can make it happen on September 16th, 2020, the 400th anniversary of the day the Mayflower set sail for America.

Robert Epstein, Ph.D.

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Dear Mr. President,

I know you are deeply concerned about the terrible toll the novel coronavirus has taken on America — both the loss of life and the severe damage the virus has done to our otherwise strong economy. I know you also believe we have gotten through the worst of the crisis, and I certainly hope you’re right.

But in some U.S. states and many countries, the coronavirus problem is still getting worse, and your CDC director has predicted a tough winter ahead, when many of us might catch both the flu and COVID-19. More than 40 million Americans are still out of work, and even where we’re reopening, we’re doing so cautiously and in small steps. …


Robert Epstein

Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology

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