Make*It: Creative Connections

With more than 1 billion people active daily users on Facebook, over one in every seven people worldwide is using social media every day. Technology is connecting people in unimaginable ways. Many of the benefits of this new connectivity are being realized within the virtual world — such as with Make*It. The amazing people behind Make*It (#be_a_maker) seek to bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical. Make*It is a web platform that is equal parts online retailer and business connection tool.

The Make*It team started as a group of friends in Stanford University who wanted to work on a project together that utilized their varied skill sets. The four person squad was made up of a product design major, and industrial engineer, and two management scientists with backgrounds in consulting. A discussion about where these majors might intersect grew into the platform idea where designers, manufactures and consumers would all be able to meet in the same marketplace.

The founding drive behind Make*It is a twin belief in the creative drive of designers to pursue ideas and bring new styles to fruition and the abilities of manufacturers to deliver an idea from paper to product. These together are the impetuous for the Make*It platform. Designers post their work; manufactures select, and together the two make a mutually beneficial deal. By cutting out large corporations, small batch factors can remain competitive in increasingly globalized markets, while designers no longer need to be tied to traditional brands. Designers will now be able to follow their passion without having to adjust their ideas to follow a fashion line.

There is one more key piece in the Make*It puzzle: the customer. Customers will be able to peruse the platform select items to purchase. The Make*It team believes this platform has the potential to become the destination for new styles and unique products. With the convergence of information and subsequent blending of cultures, the individual is now looking for ways to differentiate themselves. The customer is the third leg that the Make*It platform rests on. Make*It believes that consumers are as passionate about finding new ways to express themselves through their purchases as designers are about creating new products and manufacturers are about producing quality goods. In all parts of our unique ecosystem, the best aspects of each party benefit the others.

The internet is already a disruptive force in the retail market. Make*It is positioned to be the next game changer. The combination of industry, entrepreneurism and individualism are the defining characteristics of the American Spirit. By providing a space where each of these qualities can be expressed, the Make*It team sees unbridled possibility.

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