Donald Trump Has No Idea What’s Going On in the World
War Is Boring

Total partisan nonsense, the issue of NATO partners not paying more for their defense has been around for decades. They have never paid enough and they never intend to, which is why the US remains there. A war in western Europe will be a war with the US. The question that has arisen due to Obama/Clinton policy now is whether the potential enemies believe that is still the case anymore.

How anyone could look at the results of Obama/Clinton policy across the globe and conclude Clinton understands anything geopolitical (except potential Clinton Global Initiative donors) is absurd.

A Syrian no-fly zone means eventually shooting down Russian planes, some of us don’t think that is a good idea for long term American security.

Also, are the same intelligence folks who are telling you and Hillary about the Russian hackers also prepared to dispute the actual CONTENT of the emails?

It seems that the Pentagon Papers set that precedent for both historical and legal ramifications and the leftists rejoiced over that one.

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