Help! I need everybody…
Yogendra Vasupal

So you did not have money for rent, you did not have money for services you used. Your defence, there were companies who owed you money.

Isn’t that Finance 101, working capital, keeping tab on your billing cycle, follow ups , your cashflows ?

The fact that you were cool with a civil case being played out between you and media company, means you were confident about inaction of our judiciary system. And then you got scared when ur politician landlord used his clout to influence the same system.

I think before going to go ahead with your startup once again, you need to revisit your finance and accounting books. Possibly a few books on law too.

You are clearly at fault mate. no one likes to be owed money and the fact that you let it played out and accumulate debt till no one demanded you shows your immaturity at handling finances.

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